Winter Camp Ended Successfully

Salle mauro winter camp 2013

Festive Break For Who? En Garde, Houston!!!

Ah, Christmas time! The festive period is a time of overindulgence when gingerbread and Christmas cookies can be engrossing. But not so for the fencers of Salle Mauro Fencing Academy. While the majority of holiday goers were nursing full stomachs the students of Salle Mauro were surreptitiously preparing themselvesforthe upand coming season during theAcademy’s annual wintercamp.

In the distinct neighbourhood of Bellaire, Houston played host to the some of the best talent on the international fencing circuit. Dozens of young fencers from across the US were invited to learn from some of the best talent in the world– including the 2012 London Olympic Gold medallist, Valerio Aspromonte.

Under the direction of fencing guru Maher Hamza, the fencers lunged, parried and reposted their way through the days in preparation for the coming season. Maher Hamza, the head of coach of Houston’s premiere fencing club, is responsible for its great success, using connections from his years as the Egyptian Olympic coach and the US national coach to attract distinguished talent here to Houston, Texas. Olympic champion Aspromonte declared how much he values Hamza’s skilful stewardship – and his friendship.

Salle Mauro’s boasts an incredibly diverse student body, with a wide array of talents and levels of expertise.  The Academy’s pupils range from beginners to national champions, all of whom are coached by its assembly of esteemed coaches. The culture cultivated at the club is indicative of the success it has achieved. Since it was founded in 1999, Salle Mauro has produced an honor roll to rival any fencing club in the nation.

During the festive period emotions run high, but it was just a preview of the emotions to come during the end of camp competition when Salle Mauro’s fencers went up against some of the nation’s best young talent. Nothing’s better than a little healthy competition, especially when it helps spring board them into the 2014 season – and hopefully beyond.

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