The Wang Memorial Tournament and RYC.

The Wang Memorial Tournament

Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Y12 at Dallas RYC

Another weekend,another tournament, this weekend Dallas held host to the Wang Memorial Regional Tournament. Asanticipated Salle Mauro sent a large contingent of young fencers to test their skills against the best in Texas. Salle Mauro fencers competing across all three weapons (foil, epee & Sabre) had another successful weekend taking home a large medal haul. Performances of note came again in the women’s foil with Katina Proestakis clinching her second Y12 gold in consecutive competitions.  Jack Holmes put 

Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Div1A at Dallas RYCon a fencing lesson for all in hard work, taking the Div1 A gold. A special recognition should go

to the Holmes brothers for taking home an impressive 4medals from the weekend, including two well-deserved gold’s.  Congratulations goes to all the Salle Mauro medalists and fencers who took part. Results: Y12 Men’s Foil:  Leo Holmes 1st,Alex Euscher 3rd. Y12 Women’s Foil: Katina Proestakis1st, Tarlton Hunt 7th. Y12Women’s 

Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Bronze Y12 at Dallas RYC

Sabre: Janna Aboudaher

3rd. Y14 Men’s Epee: Jose Cortez 8th. Y14Men’s Foil: Mohammad Hamza 1st, Leo Holmes 2nd, Vincent Zhang 5th, Jose Cortez 8th. Y14 Women’s Sabre: Janna Aboudaher 13tt. Y12 Women’s Sabre: Janna Aboudaher 3rdtt.   DIV 1A Men’s Foil: Jack Holmes 1st, Mohammad Hamza 2nd, Albert T Chang 3rd. C & UnderMen’s Foil: Albert Chang 2nd, Jack Holmes 3rd, Vincent Zhang 15th. DIV 1A Men’s Sabre: Evin Heintz 3rd. C & Under Men’s Sabre:Evin Heintz 3rd

Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Y12 at Dallas RYC   Evin Heintz Salle mauro Fencing 2014  Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Y14 at Dallas RYC

Salle Mauro Fencing YouthTeam Winning Y12 at Dallas RYC   Salle mauro Fencing team at RYC, Dallas 2014




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