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Coach Noura Younis

  As a foil competitor in Egypt during the ’90s, Noura Younis earned a place on the national women’s foil team over several years. She has won numerous gold medals at national and international competitions. Coach Noura channels the same energy that made her a top international fencer into developing and inspiring her students. At […]

Cadet (U17)/Junior (U19 or U20)

1. October NAC U17*, Div 2, Div 3 Richmond, VA Oct 21-24, 2011 Registration Deadline – Sep 5, 2011 usfencing.org/events/5860 2. November NAC Y14, U17*, U20* Austin, TX Nov 11-14, 2011 Registration Deadline – Sep 26, 2011 usfencing.org/events/5861 3. Junior Olympic Qualifiers U17, U19, U19 Team Gulf Coast Division, TX TBA (likely Dec, 2011) www.gulfcoastfencing.org […]

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