Salle Mauro Fencers – Van Buskirk Memorial Tournament.

Salle Mauro – Van Buskirk Memorial Tournament.


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The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of February, Salle Mauro welcomed the return of the Van Buskirk Memorial tournament. Salle Mauro fencers of all ages flocked to compete against the very best fencers Texas had to offer.

The tournament buzzed with the murmur of anxious parents edging their children on, the distant echoing of tournament officials adjudicating over the young swashbucklers and the swish and clang of the Salle Mauro youth seeking the ever glowing gold of victory.


The tournament was a great success in which we at Salle Mauro have become accustomed

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too, with a Salle Mauro fencer medalling in every event. Performances of note go to Katina Preostakis for her marvellous display in the Y12 mixed foil final, taking out the talented Leo Holmes in a nail biting 15-14 victory for the young Chilean. Malak Hamza again held up the beacon of talent surging through Salle Mauro with her first victory in the Y8 mixed foil, gracing us with some stupendous parry ripostes. However, the Salle Mauro fencer of the tournament goes to Albert T Chang. His persistence to av

ail in the face of adversity in the Open Foil to win the DIV2 Mixed foil was refreshing for all to see, long may it continue. Finally

a quote from out esteemed fencing coordinator Mauro Hamza


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“It was not the winning but the smiles I saw on our young fencers which made the Van Bu

skirk a success for Salle Mauro”


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