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Salle Mauro accepts students beginning at the age of six. World class instructors will work with your child in both group lessons and individual instructional sessions. The following is just a glimpse of what your child will learn in our camp:

  • History of Fencing
  • Proper training exercises to increase fitness levels, flexibility and overall health
  • Fencing fundamentals to be successful
  • Equipment management
  • Rules:”Right of way”
  • Choice of weapon: Epee, Foil, Saber
  • Individual and Tournament Fencing
  • Fencing games and fun!

Our Cavalier Camps are designed with the beginner in mind. Aimed at Kids age 6-12, we teach fencing in a fast-paced, fun environment. Games designed to increase conditioning, coordination, and quick thinking form a basis for our activities. Fencers will learn the proper stance, how to move, attack, and defend, and some basic strategies and tactics. Fencers who complete the camp receive a $100 discount on the club membership fee when they join the club.

We use for online registration for our camps. You will need to enter the fencer’s last name, then select “Create a New Fencer Record.” You can also download the flyer and mail it to us if you prefer.


Download camp Flyer: Salle Mauro Camp Flyer

Session Dates & Times
All sessions are Monday through Friday
Session Morning Afternoon
Session 1 June 6-10 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 1 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 1 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 2 June 13-17 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 2 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 2 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 3 June 27-July 1 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 3 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 3 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 4 July 11-15 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 4 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 4 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 5 July 18-22 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 5 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 5 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 6 July 25-29 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 6 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 6 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 7 August 1-5 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 7 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 7 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 8 August 8-12 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 8 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 8 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]
Session 9 August 15-19 [wp_cart_button name=”Session 9 Morning” price=”195.00″] [wp_cart_button name=”Session 9 Afternoon” price=”195.00″]


$195, with a $75 non-refundable deposit due on registration.


More Information: Academy: 832 778-8745, Office (713) 436-1240

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