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Little Musketeer Class (age 3-6)

Introducing our newest offering.  Looking for a fun way to get your child healthy and exercising?  Salle Mauro is currently starting a new fencing class geared towards younger kids. Fencing is the choice that provides children a dynamic and creative outlet for their energy Sign up now for our Little Musketeer Class, geared towards children ages 3-6 with little or no experience with fencing. We use special lightweight plastic weapons and focus on fun and familiarization. Sign […]

fencing for cavalier

Cavalier Class (age 6-12)

    Looking for an exciting new physical activity for your child? Now they can participate in a sport that develops athleticism, critical thinking, sportsmanship and competitiveness. Fencing provides children a dynamic and creative outlet for their energies. Its intensity and fast pace will keep them coming back for more. Sign up now for our […]

Advanced Class: Foil, Epee, and Saber (all ages)

For the more serious fencer with competitive goals.  Whichever weapon you fence, we have a program for you.  These programs meet several times a week and are centered around intense footwork and fencing. Fencers in this program should supply their own equipment and attend class with full fencing outfit and 2 working weapons and bodycords. […]

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Adult Beginner Class (age 13+)

For those who used to fence and want to reintroduce themselves to the sport, those who’ve always dreamed of learning to fight with a sword like the duellists of a by-gone age, and those looking for a fun way to get a great workout.  All adults are welcome to our adult classes to learn, re-learn, […]

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