17th Annual Winter Camp

Why stay at home doing nothing during the holidays, when you can join our fencing family at Salle Mauro Fencing Academy where you can be active and have fun! You can also meet famous fencers from Europe and get to have fun with people from different places around the world.


That’s right, Salle Mauro is hosting Valerio Aspromonte, an Olympic gold medalist in Men’s Team Foil at the 2012 London Games. Currently ranked 8th in the world for Senior Men’s Foil, Aspro won silver at the 2011 World Championships in individualand silver at the 2010 World Championships in team. He won the Junior World Championship in 2006. He joined us for Camp Victory 2011, where his energy and passion made him a favorite with everyone.

Carolina Erba will also be joining us. She has taken individual bronze and team gold in the 2011 and 2010 world military games. She has medaled at the U23 European Games and Italian Championships. She has won the Italian Junior
Championship twice, and taken bronze in the Senior Championship twice as well.

Why join us during the holidays?
Well we’ve asked our very own fencers and they said…
“It Benefits you and makes you stronger” -Peter Johnston
“It is a great chance to meet and train with fencers from abroad” -Meeah Bradford
“It is a Good experience”
“It is a lot of fun and helps me improve as a fencer -Zelia Newhard
“There are several World class fencers that can share their knowledge with other fencers” – Ammar Aboelkheir, fencing coach
Our very own 2016 Olympian competitor said, “I will be able to learn important knowledge related to fencing that will allow me to progress in my fencing career. I’ll also get the opportunity to practice with a few of the elite fencers and I believe that this will play a significant part in my overall improvement as a fencer.” -Mohamed Hamza.

What do we do during the Winter Camp?
At Salle Mauro we work on footwork, stamina fitness exercises, and prepare for the upcoming season. We also work on team building to help establish a well rounded, positive, and entertaining environment where all our fencers are safe, feel welcomed, and have fun!

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